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Week 8 as a Catherine Hinds Student

The only thing I was worried about when I signed up for esthetics school was letting a fellow student wax my eyebrows. So, when I looked at our schedule and realized it was “face waxing” week, I panicked. As I drove to school, all I could think about was that this could be the last time my eyebrows were commuting for awhile. I’m proud to report that I left class with both eyebrows intact though!

Noelle, our instructor, showed us how to do a face wax and how to properly shape an eyebrow. Our previous knowledge of face shapes and the sections of the face proved to be important for this lesson. Then, just like with everything else we have been taught, we had a chance to practice on one another. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be to take a classmate’s eyebrows into my own hands and be responsible for the outcome.
I was very impressed with everyone’s capabilities. It seemed like after a little practice we were all confident in our work. The opportunity to practice on each other in the classroom is a very important part of our education. I can’t imagine going in to a salon and performing these services on a client without having this prior experience. Our practice runs will be even more beneficial when we go in to the student clinic and actually perform these services on the general public.

This week we also had a science quiz as part of our classroom time. I really like how the curriculum at CHI is organized. We learn specific topics in class, and then have a review session before our quizzes and tests. The quizzes are helpful too, because they give you an idea of how well you are keeping up with the material. This is another example of how CHI truly does set you up for success. (And, I know you’re all curious to know what I got on my quiz… I am proud to say I got an A! Not too bad considering I didn’t do so hot in high school science!)

Week 7 as a Catherine Hinds Student

This week was full of more make-up! We spent our class time learning how to create a “bridal” makeup look. The bridal look is accomplished by using soft and subtle colors to accentuate the eyes and lips. Noelle, our instructor, started class by demonstrating this look and teaching us how to choose the appropriate colors. She chose a palette of browns for the eyes and a natural lip color. Noelle took us from start to finish, explaining in detail how to accomplish each step of the application. This gave us the chance to ask any questions we had before going at it ourselves!

After watching Noelle’s demonstration, we partnered up with one another and attempted to recreate the bridal look. Since everyone in the class has different levels of experience with make-up application, the bridal style was a perfect practice run for everyone. It was a great refresher for people that have a lot of experience with make-up application and provided good practice for my classmates that have had minimal exposure.

I think the easiest part of creating the bridal look was picking out the colors to use. We have learned so much about what colors are complimentary; we were able to easily choose appropriate colors for this look. The hardest part for me, and I think my classmates would agree, was making sure that we sanitized appropriately. For example, you can’t apply eye liner on one eye and go directly to the other. You must apply liner to one eye, sanitize and sharpen the liner, and then sanitize your hands before you go to the next eye. It is a lot to remember and can be stressful since what we do in class replicates what the state board exam is going to be like.

This week we also learned about different face shapes. Understanding face shapes is important when you are applying make-up – it’s easier to enhance someone’s look if you understand their face shape. At the end of class one night we went through each student and guessed what face shapes we each had. We have quite a variety in our class. Check out my pictures to see!