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Week 10 as a Catherine Hinds Student

Hello to all of the esthetics lovers that read my blog. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I have been busy, busy! Week 10 at CHI was by far the busiest so far!

A month ago we were assigned a make-up project that required us to apply make-up to two paper faces, re-creating the “bridal look” and the “bold look.”  We also had to make a key that explained which make-up, and how many products, we used to create the looks. This project was a great way to put all that we had learned in the classroom into practical use, and it was a lot of fun! Before handing in our projects, we also had to present them to the rest of the class. I couldn’t believe how elaborate some of my classmates made their projects. One of the girls affixed a veil to her bridal look and even added earrings!

Later in the week we learned how to do a back facial.  The back facial is very similar to a regular facial, except that the installation of the client is different. Like a regular facial, you cleanse, analyze, massage, and extract the back.  The back massage is definitely more physically demanding than a face massage, but it’s not too strenuous.  Now that we know how to do the back facial we are almost ready to go in to the clinic and take real clients!

But, not before our practicals and exams!

The week ended with our make-up practical. Practicals are our chance to show our instructors the techniques we have learned, and be graded on it.  For our make-up practical, we had to make-over our partner and give them the “soft & subtle look.”  We were graded on our color choices, and how appropriate the colors were to the look, how we followed sanitation guidelines, and the techniques we used to apply the makeup.

You wouldn’t believe how many times you have to use antibacterial lotion during a make-up application! My hands were so dry by the end of it, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being sanitary!  I thought I would be more nervous during the practical, but once we began it was as if we were just practicing during a regular class. The best thing about it was that nothing that they graded us on came as a surprise. Our classes really prepared us for these exams.

Having our make-up practical this week gave us a good idea of what to expect for next week during our facial practical. Wish me luck!

CHI Photo Challenge Entries

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics Photo Challenge! We received some great photos and responses from our students and graduates. Check them out:


“”As an Esthetician I love to wax. I want to be the Waxing Queen! :)”


“”I am a graduate of Catherine Hinds and own B. makeup and brow boutique in Milton, MA.  This is a photo of myself doing makeup for a fashion show.”


“I have connected with several CHI students and in the work field as well. Here, you see me at work doing bridal makeup.  It is truly a passion!”


“I really love to be an esthetician!”

Week 9 as a Catherine Hinds Student

Knowledge really is power. In esthetics, product and sales knowledge is just as important as a full understanding of skincare. Our class room time this week was focused on the business side of esthetics. Our lecture focused on the idea that, while selling products and services is an important part of the success of a salon or spa, it is just as important that we provide the client with a product that will benefit them.

Noelle, our instructor, taught us that the act of showing our clients products that will benefit them is not simply selling to them, as much as it is advising them. She referred to this as consultative selling. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that this is how everyone in a sales role should act. When you advise and consult with your client, you are showing an interest in their well-being. This takes the focus off of “making the sale” and helps you build a repertoire with your client.

Of course, in order to consult effectively you must know the product you are selling inside and out. This is the part I find to be challenging. In skincare, knowing your product means knowing all of the ingredients and what they do, what types of skin will benefit the most from them, and directions for use. This isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely important in our future careers!

One of my classmates shared a personal story about her experiences with this. She had never had an esthetician recommend a skin care regimen after a facial. She said that she would go from salon to salon, waiting for one of them to try and sell her products, but no one ever had. This was a great example for our class to hear because it shows just how important taking the time to advise on products is to client retention.

This led us in to the top five ways to keep clients coming back. Here are my notes:
1. Always provide quality service.
2. Listen to your client and actively understand what they want. Ensure that you provide this to her/him.
3. Pay full attention to your client- make them feel special.
4. Improve your listening skills.
5. Encourage clients to rebook appointments. (Always know the special offers going on, since that provides incentive!)

I think that this is one of the most beneficial classes we have had. Some people find selling to be natural and it’s easy for them, but most people find it to be nerve wracking. I think talking about all of this, and providing us with instruction on how to best offer our clients products, helped ease a lot of our concerns. The goal of education is to learn as much as you can to succeed. This class most definitely gave us the knowledge we need for product and sales success!