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Easing the Fears of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are great treatments to help improve your skin’s appearance and can treat various skin conditions. They can reduce fine lines and age spots, lessen the appearance of sun damage and mild scars, and can treat some types of acne. The process involves applying an acid based solution to areas such as the face, neck, chest, hands and even arms and legs. which helps to remove the outer layers of the skin. After the procedure, you are left with smooth and glowing skin. There are different types of chemical peels available. Superficial peels use the least amount of acid and improve the overall texture of the skin and help even out skin tones. Medium peels treat fine lines and blemishes. Deep peels are the strongest type of peel and are used to treat deeper wrinkles and sun damage. These stronger peels are typically applied by a physician. The length of time also defines just how “deep” the peel is.

Will it hurt or burn? Will my skin be bright red or damaged? Will I have blistering? There are common fears that are typically associated with chemical peels, but clients should realize that they are probably thinking about the deeper chemical peels. Some clients may experience mild symptoms, but it depends on your skin and the type of peel. Typical cosmetic chemical peels, such as the PCA SKIN blended peels aren’t as strong and should leave the skin looking smooth and bright. However, you should have a consultation with a specialist beforehand to ensure that a chemical peel is right for your skin type and complexion. They will also help determine what type of peel will give you the desired result you are looking for. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have skin allergies or certain medial conditions, then you should avoid chemical peels. Regardless of what type of chemical peel you have, it is very important to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen after a chemical peel, since the skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics offers chemical peels to clients and uses the PCA SKIN products. Check out these videos from PCA SKIN that show real clients and their before and after thoughts of the procedure.

To schedule a consultation for a chemical peel, call 781-935-3344 ext. 229.

Get Golden!

After hibernating all winter, you may be longing for that golden glowing skin. We all know the dangers of sunbathing, but spray tanning (also known as sunless airbrush tanning) is a great option for those wanting a safe and natural looking tan. If you carefully prepare ahead of time, your spray tan can last from 7-12 days. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most natural and long lasting results.


  • Do exfoliate! Removing dead skin cells helps the tan last longer and create an even color.
  • Do shave legs (or wax, etc.) prior to the spray tan. Ensure that all wax remnants have been removed.
  • Do use a very small amount of lotion to dry areas such as knees and elbows so that the area doesn’t get too dark. You can also add lotion to blond eyebrows and blond highlighted hair for added protection.
  • Do wear loose clothing so that the tan can properly set afterwards. It will take approximately one hour before the spray is fully dry and you don’t want tight fitting clothes (including bras) to rub the color off.
  • Do plan to avoid water, lotions, and sweating for 8-10 hours after your spray tan to avoid the color coming off too soon. The longer you wait, the better your tan will have time to fully develop and set!
  • Do test out various spray tans well in advance of a special event to ensure you are achieving the color you want. Different spas use different formulas and techniques. Once you’ve decided what works for you, have the procedure done a day or two before the event itself.


  • Don’t use any products containing oils since it prevents the spray from being absorbed thoroughly.
  • Don’t wear deodorant, lotions or makeup prior to the procedure. Some products will act as a barrier and deodorants can sometimes cause a discoloration when it comes into contact with the tanning solution.
  • Don’t shave too soon after your spray tan. Shaving acts as an exfoliant and will remove some of the tan.
  • Don’t shave/wax right before your spray tan IF your spray tan will be including a bronzer. Instead, shave a day or two in advance to avoid having the bronzer give a spotty look due to the open pores that shaving/waxing reveals.

The clinic at Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics uses a natural and moisturizing formula for our airbrush tans. To schedule an appointment, call 781-935-3344 ext. 229.

Job Trend: The Rise in Esthetics Jobs

Are you considering a career in esthetics? Not sure whether to take the plunge? There isn’t a better time than right now to get started. Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there will be an increase in jobs for licensed estheticians. The data predicts an increase of as much as 25 percent more jobs from 2010 to 2020! That is an incredible growth rate for just one industry. Right now there is a high demand for skin care specialists all over the country, which is great news for individuals working toward their esthetics license.

OK, so exactly what type of jobs are out there? Once you are licensed, there is a wide variety of career choices to consider. From a traditional esthetician working at a spa or luxury cruise line to a makeup artist working with bridal parties or even celebrities! Several of our very own Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics graduates have gone on to own successful spa businesses. Perhaps you’re more interested in the business side of skin care, such as an assistant buyer, inspector or salesperson. There are also instructor jobs and beauty editor jobs to consider. The possibilities beyond an education in esthetics are almost endless!

The best part of choosing an esthetics career is how quickly and easily you can train, obtain your license and then move on to working. At Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, the basic esthetics program is only 300 hours of training. That’s just ten weeks if you attend full-time. There are part-time day and evening options available too, which are great for those looking for a career switch or also high school students that aren’t interested in a four year degree.

Are you a Catherine Hinds Graduate? Take a look at some of your available career choices in more detail and see for yourself. Your dream job could be just around the corner!

Marsha Camillieri; from Certified Nursing Assistant to Spa Business Owner!

Marsha Camillieri is a business owner and full time esthetician. She and her husband opened A Spa to Remember, located in Chelmsford, MA and they have been in business for eight years. Prior to getting her start in the skin care industry, she was a Certified Nursing Assistant at a hospital, where she worked in Ambulatory Surgery for 7 years. The job was stressful and she wanted something better. She wanted to work in a more peaceful and positive atmosphere. The idea came to her when she had her very first facial prior to getting married. She loved the experience. She was relaxed and the facial made her feel great. Now this was a peaceful workplace! She decided to look into getting educated in esthetics and started her research. She discovered the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics through word of mouth and her research found that the school was the best in the area. She first went on a tour and was taken in by the calming atmosphere. She met Catherine Hinds in person and was immediately impressed that the owner of the facility was so nice and inviting. She loved the setup of the institute and was excited to see that she could get hands on training within the clinic itself. It was the perfect place to get her education in esthetics and just a few short months after that first facial, she was enrolled at Catherine Hinds.

She learned so much more than she expected at the Institute. Marsha loved learning about the science part of esthetics. She says “I had great teachers that brought their own styles and techniques to the class.” She fondly recalls one of her instructors, Deb Larson, who taught one of her esthetics classes. It was there that she learned a technique about facial massage. She still uses this technique in her own business today and her customers love it. According to her clients, the technique is not used very often at other spas. It has become a simple, yet valuable offering that sets her apart from other spas.

Marsha graduated from Catherine Hinds in 1995. Her first job after graduation was at a local spa, where she was a manager for 10 years. Towards the end of her time there, she could see that the business was failing and noticed decreasing quality in the services. She knew it was time to venture out on her own and create a more secure career for herself. She had plenty of experience and she felt that she was ready to own her own business. So Marsha and her husband opened A Spa to Remember. She found that many of her previous clients followed her to her new business and from there her business grew to having around 4000 clients! She and her husband are completely dedicated to their business and have worked hard to market themselves, but have found that their website and word of mouth have been their best tools for growth.

Marsha has participated in extended training in oncology esthetics, Reiki master training and make-up artistry. Her specialties include ultrasonic facials, Solitone treatments, microdermabrasion treatments and anti-aging skin care. Skills that she learned at Catherine Hinds, such as facial massage and proper extraction, also helped in making her style unique compared to other skin care businesses. She believes that this has had a direct impact on her success and why she has such great following. In fact she advises current esthetics students to “learn everything you can so you can become different than other estheticians.” She has found that there is a lot of competition in this field of work and that business owners need to stand out from the crowd. “Stay on top of this ever-changing field because it changes quickly and you need to be up to date with new services and trends.”

Her hard work has paid off and her spa has won “Best of the Best” for skin care in Chelmsford and Billerica as well as the regional “Reader’s Choice Spa” award for all eight years that her business has been open. She loves what she does and is constantly inspired by her friends, family and her daily clients. She has learned from all of them which has only helped her to grow and become better at her job. “I am in a profession that I enjoy very much, that incorporates great satisfaction when your client leaves relaxed and happy with their results and glowing skin.” For that, she is thankful to Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, where it all began.

Hollywood Trend: Vampire Facials

From books to movies to television series, vampires are everywhere! And now vampires have worked their way into the skin care industry. You may have heard about a certain celebrity who recently documented her experience with a vampire facial, also known as The Vampire Facelift®. The photos may have been a little hard to look at, but the procedure is real. In fact, plastic surgeons have been performing vampire facials for about three years. Costing around $1200 to $1500, these facials are becoming a hot new trend in Hollywood. Gift cards for the procedure were even included in the gift bags handed out at this year’s Academy Awards.

So what exactly is involved in this gory looking procedure? It starts with about two teaspoons of blood drawn from the client’s arm. The blood platelets are separated into a platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This plasma is then mixed with an injectable filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm, and the mixture is injected into the face. The result is the removal of scars and fine lines, which is noticeable after one to two days, and the results typically last for four to six months. Why does the procedure use the blood? The idea is that the blood platelets contain growth factors which aid in healing wounds quickly and also stimulate collagen production.

Whether vampire facials really work is still up for debate. If you’re interested in this procedure, you should have them done by a doctor who specializes in facial treatments. If you’ve had this type of facial done before, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Comment here or on our Facebook page!