Week 11 as a CHI Student

This week we had our facial practical exams. As I said last week, having our make-up practical before the facial practical was extremely helpful. I was much more nervous about the facial practical, since the facial is the essence of our entire education.  But, I was prepared and did very well!

The practical really wasn’t very different from when we would practice on one another during class time.  It was good to have the practical right before we head in to the clinic next week, so that we can feel confident in our abilities. My entire class did really well, and I could tell we all felt a sense of relief knowing that all of our hard work in the classroom had truly prepared us.

Before we head into the clinic next week, we needed to learn about strip wax. Strip wax is completely different from hard wax.  It took some getting used to, as it is applied extremely thin and you use a strip to get it off, instead of letting it dry like hard wax.  I think the class is split on what they prefer to use.  I prefer hard wax because I think it is less abrasive to the skin and you can go over the same area more than once.  I do think that there are benefits to strip wax though – it is easier to rip off because you have the strip to pull on.  I love learning new things at school.  Every time I learn something new I picture my resume expanding with new skills. It’s so exciting!

We use Bombshell Wax at CHI - I love the pink color!

During my first week of school I was assigned a written project, and it was finally due this week! The project required us to pick three products and test each of them out for a week. We then had to write down how our skin reacted to each one.  We also had to list all the ingredients and what their function was in each product.  Did you know that some products have 20+ ingredients on their label?! Needless to say, this was extremely time consuming, but also very interesting.

I think that the ingredient aspect of our education is the most interesting. Knowing what certain ingredients do is imperative to being an esthetician. Without a broad understanding of ingredients, you wouldn’t be able to explain how or why a product does what it does.  It also helps you sell products and make the appropriate recommendations.

I chose to do my project on toners.  I tested the Catherine Hinds Normal/Combo Toner, Mark Lees’ Tonique Clarifiante, and PCA’s Smoothing Toner.  I’m not going to tell you which I liked best, but the project was definitely beneficial. I learned a lot about ingredients and can now say that I could look at a label and truly pick the correct product for a variety of skin types and conditions!

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