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A Note from Catherine Hinds

When I founded the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in 1979, I wanted to provide the highest quality training for estheticians and create one of the first communities of skincare professionals devoted to the field. As I watched CHI change and evolve, I never would have imagined that thirty five years later, our wonderful community would also include things like Facebook and Twitter!

While I may not be the person posting to the Catherine Hinds Facebook and Twitter pages, I do check in to see what people are saying and find out what is going on with our students and graduates. My granddaughter keeps me informed and shares all of your comments and photos with me. It’s been such a pleasure to read how much you all enjoy the Institute and the esthetics industry. I am delighted to see that the industry I helped create is still thriving from our superior training.

Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics has come a long way in thirty five years. There are now three generations of Hinds women who have entered the esthetics industry, providing the highest education possible to future estheticians. Our industry is continuing to grow, and we are excited to share our knowledge and passion with the Boston area, and beyond.

As we head into the holiday season and prepare for the New Year, it is always refreshing to see the changes and excitement surrounding each new class at CHI. I look forward to staying in touch with all of you through our online communities!

Week 12 as a CHI Student

This is the week that we have been preparing for! We are heading in to the student public clinic where we will perform all that we have learned in the past 150 hours on actual clients!  This week we had a full day that covered what to expect and the procedures we must follow before we were allowed to go in to the clinic.

This introduction to the clinic was both scary and exciting.  We were given a menu of the services we offer in the clinic so that we could learn the prices.  This was a little overwhelming, as I realized that we would soon have clients asking us these questions.  I didn’t want to be the student who had to say, “One second, let me check” for each question a client had. As we learned in retail and sales knowledge class, being knowledgeable is how you earn a client’s trust. Our instructor explained that it would probably only take a couple of days for us to learn all of the pricing, so that was comforting!

We were also given a tour of the actual clinic.  This included where all of the products were located, how to sign in, etc. The training rooms we had previously been in were set up almost identical to the actual clinic, so it was easy for us to recognize things. This made the transition much easier! There were some protocols that we went over as well.  The entire introduction was extremely informative and I felt like we all really understood what to expect the next day.

My first official day in the clinic was nerve-wracking to say the least, but immediately upon greeting my first client I was at ease. We had been fully prepared and there really weren’t any things I didn’t know.  Our instructors are in the clinic with us at all times, so we can always ask questions and get advice if we need to.  My first client was a woman who had been coming to the clinic for years. She was there for her regular, monthly treatment. This made it quite easy for me because I knew what she wanted and she knew what to expect.  She said my facial was great and even tipped me!

It’s really exciting to have made it in to the clinic and to be actually performing treatments on clients. When I decided to come to esthetics school I was concerned about whether or not I would be good at it, or if I would enjoy it.  Both of these concerns disappeared during my time in school because I was trained so well!

Now that I’ve finished up my time as a CHI student, I’ll be passing my blog along to other esthetics lovers. Be on the lookout for guest posts from graduates, esthetics professionals, and other students!

Guest Blogger: Lisa, a CHI Graduate

My initial step into the beauty industry came when I pursued make-up artistry certifications at the David Nicholas International Training Center. After acquiring my artistry training, I worked as a freelance artist with a primary focus on weddings. I also worked on the private labeling and selling of my own line of cosmetics.  Although I loved what I was doing and was very happy, I was still motivated and determined to expand my credentials.  I considered many options of what to do next and decided to study esthetics.  After all, my personal motto is that “great make-up begins with great skin!”

Without a doubt, I knew I wanted to attend Catherine Hinds for my esthetics education.  I went on a tour and enrolled that same day!  I was very impressed with the presentation of the institute and loved the idea of practicing my skills in the student public clinic, on real clients.  I believe that the clinical experience is what puts Catherine Hinds a notch above the rest.  I was very excited for my new endeavor and embraced my experience as a student whole heartedly.  The instructors were very supportive, encouraging, and truly want you to succeed.   I appreciated their votes of confidence and always looked forward to, and enjoyed, going to school.

My industry training and expertise have led to many opportunities that I am so thankful for. I’ve been a pageant judge for the Miss USA system, was the guest make-up artist at The Vascular Birthmark Foundation’s international conference in New York City, and obtained my instructor’s license. As an instructor, I worked for The Catherine Hinds Companies in sales and teaching.

With an education in the beauty industry, the opportunities are endless and the experiences are immeasurable.  There is always something new to be discovered because the world of beauty will forever be changing!

Lisa is a graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics and is the first writer in our guest blogger series! Thanks Lisa!

Week 11 as a CHI Student

This week we had our facial practical exams. As I said last week, having our make-up practical before the facial practical was extremely helpful. I was much more nervous about the facial practical, since the facial is the essence of our entire education.  But, I was prepared and did very well!

The practical really wasn’t very different from when we would practice on one another during class time.  It was good to have the practical right before we head in to the clinic next week, so that we can feel confident in our abilities. My entire class did really well, and I could tell we all felt a sense of relief knowing that all of our hard work in the classroom had truly prepared us.

Before we head into the clinic next week, we needed to learn about strip wax. Strip wax is completely different from hard wax.  It took some getting used to, as it is applied extremely thin and you use a strip to get it off, instead of letting it dry like hard wax.  I think the class is split on what they prefer to use.  I prefer hard wax because I think it is less abrasive to the skin and you can go over the same area more than once.  I do think that there are benefits to strip wax though – it is easier to rip off because you have the strip to pull on.  I love learning new things at school.  Every time I learn something new I picture my resume expanding with new skills. It’s so exciting!

We use Bombshell Wax at CHI - I love the pink color!

During my first week of school I was assigned a written project, and it was finally due this week! The project required us to pick three products and test each of them out for a week. We then had to write down how our skin reacted to each one.  We also had to list all the ingredients and what their function was in each product.  Did you know that some products have 20+ ingredients on their label?! Needless to say, this was extremely time consuming, but also very interesting.

I think that the ingredient aspect of our education is the most interesting. Knowing what certain ingredients do is imperative to being an esthetician. Without a broad understanding of ingredients, you wouldn’t be able to explain how or why a product does what it does.  It also helps you sell products and make the appropriate recommendations.

I chose to do my project on toners.  I tested the Catherine Hinds Normal/Combo Toner, Mark Lees’ Tonique Clarifiante, and PCA’s Smoothing Toner.  I’m not going to tell you which I liked best, but the project was definitely beneficial. I learned a lot about ingredients and can now say that I could look at a label and truly pick the correct product for a variety of skin types and conditions!