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Tattletale Hands

You may spend time and money and extra care on keeping the skin on your face beautiful. You faithfully exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and use sunscreen. You know the benefits will be youthful looking skin for a long time to come. Are you forgetting something? Have you looked at your hands? Did you know that the skin on your hands can actually age faster than the skin on your face? Look closely at them. The skin on your hands is even thinner than the skin on your face. There is also very little fat on the back of your hands, so veins and wrinkles can become more visible over time. Previous sun exposure can result in brown spots on your hands as you get older. Yet we overwork, overexpose and simply tend to forget about caring for our hands. So, what can you do?

Protect those hands! Start by adding gloves to your wardrobe. You may already have warm winter gloves or mittens, so wear them. They will shield your skin from cold and dry winter air. But there are other gloves you should consider wearing since everyday tasks are also wreaking havoc on your skin. When you wash dishes or hand wash clothing, the soap and water dries out your skin. Wearing gloves while washing dishes or clothing will help protect your hands. You should also wear gloves during house cleaning or even when gardening. The more you shield your skin from chemicals, soap, water and dirt, the healthier and softer the skin will be.

Even hand washing can dry out and age your hands over time. You should wash your hands with warm, not hot, water and a gentle nonsoap cleanser. Then moisturize after to help restore the moisture that is lost. Oil based moisturizers, such as our Special “O”, will hold in moisture the best. Of course you should also use sunscreen on your hands. They are not immune to sun damage. A moisturizer containing sunscreen is your best bet, otherwise apply sunscreen after applying moisturizer to ensure that you have proper coverage.

Lastly, a little pampering can go a long way in keeping your hands looking soft and youthful. Our Student Clinic offers several hand treatments such as a soothing paraffin treatment or mitts to help deeply moisturize your hands. To make an appointment forĀ a paraffin treatment or even exfoliations and peels, call 781-935-3344 x229.

It’s time to take good care of your hands. Treat them well and they will surely keep your true age a secret!

‘Tis the Season for Glowing Skin

The holidays are a time when we want to look our best. Whether you’re going to the office party or a family gathering or simply want to ring in the New Year in style, you will want to have glowing skin to match! How can you achieve that look? One of the most important tricks is by shedding dead skin cells through exfoliation, which will reveal the younger cells beneath. Those dead skin cells on the outer layers of your skin will have a dulling effect over time and even contribute to pimples and blackheads due to blocked pores. Although you can exfoliate at home, you need to be sure that you’re using the right products for your skin type and watch out not to over-exfoliate. You’ll get maximum benefits from professional exfoliations, which include microdermabrasion, chemical peels or a combination of techniques. These treatments also help to reduce fine lines and improve the elasticity of your skin. Body exfoliation treatments are also great options. You will not only have luminous skin all over, but this treatment can also help stimulate your circulation.

Call our Student Clinic for an exfoliating facial, body treatment, microdermabrasion, or other exfoliation treatment at 781-935-3344 x229.

Also, Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics offers these great exfoliant products to use at home to help maintain your glow:

So in the chaos of the holiday season, remember to set aside some time to take care of your skin. You will be glad you did and you will be glowing at your next holiday social event!

Plants for Your Skin?

There has been a lot of talk and debate over stem cells lately. However, there’s no debate over stem cells used in skin care products. That’s because we are talking about plant stem cells. Yes, plants have stem cells too, and they are quite valuable in anti aging products! They are actually harvested without harm to the plant or environment and we are seeing them used more and more in skin care products.

So what’s so special about plant stem cells? For one, they are like chameleons that change according to their surrounding. As a result, they can help the skin regenerate and self repair. They are also loaded with important substances that are essential to protecting the skin. They possess more antioxidant capacity than resveratrol and vitamin C.

One of the most common extracts you will hear about is from the “magic apple” known as Uttweiller Spaitlauber. The apples from this extremely rare tree can actually heal themselves when punctured. In skin care products, the Swiss apple extract helps to rejuvenate the skin. It is the eighth ingredient in the Biodroga anti age stem cell line of products.

Another popular ingredient is lilac stem cells. Studies show it has rejuvenating, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help reduce sebum production which makes it beneficial for acne care. PCA skin care products use lilac stem cell extract in many of their products.

Some other plant stem cells that you may hear about are Edelweiss (antioxidant and promotes firming), gotu kola (promotes hydration and elasticity) and echinacea (promotes collagen). There’s a whole world of plants that can be used for their skin care benefits.

So remember that an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it may also keep aging skin away!