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Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung, or so the calendar says. We are all ready for the fresh scent of spring flowers, budding trees, warmer days and more sunlight. It is also time for spring cleaning and that includes your skin care products. Some products have expiration dates to follow, but others require a little more research and depend on the ingredients of the product. Here is a list of products you should be taking a close look at and consider replacing if they are past their prime:

  • Moisturizers in a Jar: Replace after a year. Hands constantly dipping into the jar can eventually lead to the introduction of bacteria.
  • Anti-aging creams: Replace after a year since the active ingredients weaken over time. Replace sooner if you notice color changes.
  • Anti-Acne Products: Replace after four to six months or sooner if you notice color changes.
  • Peels and Masks: Replace after three months.
  • Scrubs: Replace two years after opening.
  • Retinoid Creams: Replace after nine to eleven months since the active ingredient will weaken over time.
  • Sunscreens: Check the expiration date, but you typically need to replace after one or two years. It’s best to store in a cool place and should be tossed if it has been exposed to extreme heat, such as a hot car.
  • Foundation: Replace after two years. You may also want to consider switching to a more lightweight foundation for the upcoming warmer months.
  • Lip Products: Replace after two to three years.
  • Mascara: Replace every three months after opening, or sooner if you’ve recently experienced any eye infections.
  • Makeup pencils: Replace after three to five years. Sharpening helps to keep them clean.
  • Makeup Brushes: Clean on a weekly basis or at least a deep clean once a month. Let them air dry on a flat surface. Replace when bristles start falling out.

Once your cleaning is complete, move onto your next fun task: spring shopping! Take a look at our online store to replenish your stash of skin care products. Right now we are offering 25% off all of our Classics TX products. Happy spring, everyone!

Hot Trends in Equipment Based Skin Care

Take a look around your local spas and you will notice some fancy high tech equipment in the treatment rooms. It’s clear that equipment based skin care services are on the rise and has been showing up on several skin care trend lists for 2013. Some of the most common treatments include microdermabrasion, micro current, LED, and the list goes on. These procedures offer quicker and more visible results. Satisfied clients are finding that their money has been well spent when they see the improvements in their skin. Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics proudly provides training on these services and has been offering these valuable services to their clients. Below are some of our equipment based skin care offerings.

  • Microdermabrasion: This technique does not use chemicals and is non-invasive. Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation treatment that uses a high pressure flow of micro crystals, which removes dead skin cells and over time will rejuvenate the skin.
  • LED: Short for light emitting diodes, LED is a treatment used to stimulate collagen production and increase circulation. It is used for treating skin issues such as acne, rosasea and aging issues such as fine line and wrinkles. It is a painless and simple procedure. Two specialty LED procedures we offer are systems by Soli-tone:
    • Lumifacial Lights: Uses colored lights to treat acne, reduce redness, increase collagen production and heal skin.
    • Lumilift Light Treatments: Helps to tighten and lift facial muscles as well as smooth wrinkles.
  • HydraFacial™: This is a non-laser treatment also called hydradermabrasion. This procedure cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates and provides antioxidant protection all in one! Clients love this treatment due to it’s soothing feel and no irritation or downtime that one might experience from other treatments.

Our full list of services offered at our advanced treatment clinic, can be found here. To schedule an appointment, call 781-935-3344 ext. 229.

Coffee Berry Extract: There’s more to coffee than just the bean!

Antioxidants play a large role in skin care. You are probably familiar with the antioxidants that are found in natural ingredients, such as pomegranate, blueberries and green tea. There is another recently discovered ingredient that has even greater antioxidant benefits. Coffee berry extract, also known as CoffeeBerry®, is a powerful antioxidant that started being incorporated into skin care products just a few years ago. It comes from the fruit of the coffea arabica plant. Many of us enjoy brewing the seeds of this plant, which are known as coffee beans. The actual berries of the plant resemble cherries and the flesh is delicate and highly perishable. In fact, the flesh used to be discarded when the coffee seeds were extracted from them during harvest. Today these berries are used for their skin care benefits.

Coffee berry extract is the most potent of the natural antioxidants due to its high levels of polyphenols and phenolic acids. Why does it have such powerful antioxidant properties? It is because the plants grow in high altitudes and close to the equator, where the sun’s rays are very strong. The plant actually creates the natural antioxidants to protect itself from the extreme conditions it grows in. As a result, the coffee berry extract prevents fine lines, wrinkles and cellular damage to skin, while reducing the appearance of existing fine lines, sun damage and other visible signs of aging. This extract also helps to smooth skin and neutralize free radicals. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin, which is helpful for those with eczema or dermatitis.

Coffee berry extract is becoming increasingly popular in skin care products for good reason. Be sure to keep an eye out for this impressive ingredient!

Catherine Hinds Graduate; Kristin Scollin, Celebrates 10 Years in Business

From a very young age, Kristin Scollin was inspired by her own brother. He worked as a hair stylist in New York City for over 20 years and even had the opportunity to work with celebrities and other talented individuals. Over time, Kristin’s interest in the beauty industry grew and her brother encouraged her to pursue it as a potential career. She started off working as a freelance makeup artist while taking courses part time at a local college. At one point, a friend recommended that she visit the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics. Kristin was immediately impressed by the facility and the calming atmosphere and impressive setup caught her attention. She knew she wanted to be an esthetician from the moment she walked in. She enrolled in the 900 hour program and became a full time student in September of 1999. One of her most memorable instructors was Bernie Rahall. The energy and passion that Bernie put into her classes made them fun and interesting and the encouragement she gave her students helped them to thrive. Kristin also learned that the esthetics field is a predominantly woman-based industry. The fact that a field of work could be so empowering to women and women business owners really stood out in her mind and she looked forward to learning more.

After graduating, she worked at Venezia Day Spa in Lynnfield, MA. Her career was just getting started when tragedy struck. In just one year, she unexpectedly lost both of her parents and her brother. Without a doubt, it was the worst year of her life. She knew she had to pick herself up and channel her grief into something positive. It was not long after that she decided to open her own spa. She named it in memory of her parents, Tom and Anita. In November of 2002, she opened her spa in Danvers, MA. “Tomani Skin Therapy” was born. She felt a sense of peace and healing when she saw her parent’s names within in her spa. It was her way of keeping them close to her. After approximately six months in her shop, she discovered another connection to her family. Tomani, still located on 33 High Street, shares the same building as The Dellaria Hair Salon. However, over 25 years ago, that hair salon had previously been Rudolph Charles salon. It was the very salon that her brother started out as a hair stylist and he had worked there until his move to Manhattan. This was confirmation that it all was all meant to be and to this day, she feels that her family is still with her.

One thing she learned from Catherine Hinds was to never stop learning. “Never let yourself or your business get too comfortable.” She explains that this industry is very dynamic, and business owners and their staff must evolve as well. She advises others to “work hard, and it will pay off.” She has trained extensively with David Nicholas, of David Nicholas International. She started taking classes with him over 12 years ago. David has been a long time inspiration and mentor to her. She describes him as an amazing teacher and says that “if you have not yet trained with David Nicholas, you have not trained!” Since she uses Glymed professional products, she also takes classes at Face Forward in Peabody, MA for advanced clinical training. Lastly, along with the mandatory industry training, she has also been taking marketing classes this past year. She has applied her marketing training to her business by creating effective and productive social media campaigns.

Her advice to estheticians thinking of opening a business is to plan on being there every day. She says “if this is truly your passion, you must be the face of your business.” She practices this in her own business. Clients appreciate seeing her at Tomani, whether she’s at the front desk greeting them or in a treatment room. Kristin is 100% invested in her company and in what her business does. She recommends hiring the quality staff, give them the best training, and give them respect. She knows that her staff members are happy to come work and give excellent service to our clients. “We have a family here, clients included.” Kristin doesn’t worry about what other spas are doing. Her main focus is what her own business is doing. Since she has put her hard work into building her business and clientele, she has been able to step out of the treatment rooms a bit, and work on the marketing and business building strategies.

Kristin is thankful for the support system she has from her instructors and lifelong friends she has made at Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics. She knows she can call An Hinds when she has a question or a concern. An’s door has always been open through the years and Kristin has been able to count on her as a valuable resource when needed. She notes that not many schools offer that type of long term support. In turn, she is eager to help new estheticians just starting out or even the seasoned professionals she networks with. She is often contacted for business related advice, and she is always happy to share her experiences. She feels that assisting other licensed professionals helps her to grow within the industry and it empowers business owners as a whole. Kristin highly recommends Catherine Hinds for esthetics training and wouldn’t hesitate to hire a graduate from the school. She knows that the institute has the reputation of being the best in the area and she wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for her own training at Catherine Hinds. The skills she learned at Catherine Hinds gave her confidence and built the foundation for her success.

Her specialties today include advanced clinical treatments such as peels and acne treatments, makeup artistry with a focus on bridal makeup, and most currently, eyelash extensions. Since her lash extension business has been doing so well, she is in the process of becoming a lash educator and she will eventually offer classes of her own. She plans to certify her staff as well as other licensed professionals. This past November, she proudly celebrated her 10th year in business. She continues to be a “hands-on” esthetician and makeup artist. Over the last ten years Tomani has become an incredibly special place to her. She has met many amazing people along the way, including her staff of 12 women. She calls them “fabulous” and she has great respect for all of them.

With all of her passion and all of her success, there’s no doubt that Kristin is quite fabulous herself. Her family would likely agree and would be very proud of her accomplishments. Join us in wishing her a happy 10 year anniversary and many more years of success to come! You can find more information on her spa at

Facials – The Ultimate Pampering for Your Skin

Who doesn’t love a relaxing facial treatment? A facial refreshes the skin and gives you a wonderful glow. Facials also serve a purpose, as we know. They help to treat acne and provide anti-aging benefits. So how frequently should you have a facial for optimum results? This depends on many factors, including your age, skin type and overall skin condition. Facials should typically be done no more than every four to six weeks if your budget allows for it. However, if you’re on a more strict budget, then once every three months would still be very beneficial. If you are younger, your skin cells regenerate more frequently, so less facials are needed than someone in their thirties or forties. You may also want to take your location into account. If you live in the city where there is a higher level of pollution, then sticking to monthly facials will help prevent breakouts caused by air contaminants. Keep in mind that since facials involve exfoliation, it is possible to over do it. Having facials more often than once a month could lead to skin sensitivity. Talk with your esthetician, who can review your skin care needs and help you figure out a schedule that works best!

We offer a variety of facials at our clinic. Right now you can receive 20% off selected Facials and Spa Body Treatments until April 30, 2013. You can book your treatment by calling 781-935-3344 ext. 229 for more information.