Yudith Alvarez – Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Yudith Alvarez was enjoying a successful career during the housing boom. She had her real estate license and wrote loans for the mortgage company she owned. Life was good until the real estate market crashed. Things became stressful for Yudith, but she is a spiritual woman and a devout Christian. She had faith that things would turn around for her, so she turned to the Book of Esther in the Bible. Esther was the Queen of Persia who saved the Jews. Since Yudith’s middle name was Esther, it seemed like a fitting place to start. She wanted to figure out her purpose in life. She knew she wanted to do something more. She wanted to help people and needed to figure out how to do that.

It began with an interest in makeup. Yudith took on a hobby of creating makeup and even generated her own private line. After a couple of years, she decided that she needed to learn more about skin care in general and perhaps it would help her figure out how to move on from there. She consulted with a career counselor at Hesser College, which was her alma mater. She asked them where she could find the best place to learn the basics about skin care. Without hesitation, she was told to look at Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics. She took their advice and decided to sign up for the 600 Hour Advanced Esthetics Program. She was so impressed with her teachers and all that she was learning, that she then signed up for the 1200 Hour Master Esthetics Program. She graduated in February of 2012.

Feeling quite confident with her new skills, she worked on renovating the office space she already owned from her mortgage business in Lawrence, MA. She worked on converting it into a spa. She started with just one treatment room and opened Estherchic Esthetique Medical Spa & Laser Center in July of 2012. Six months later she opened a second treatment room and today she has a total of three rooms along with over 400 clients. Since she was already well known in her community from her previous business, she was able to use her existing network to get the word out about her new spa and obtain referrals. She also takes advantage of radio and magazine advertising to boost her exposure. Yudith also continued her education by attending workshops and courses in makeup and skin care lines. She currently specializes in treatments for anti-aging and hyper-pigmentation.

Yudith speaks highly of Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics. “I tell people that it is the Harvard of skin care.” It was a place where she was motivated to learn and the training she received changed her life. She also met wonderful friends from all backgrounds. She raves about her former teachers, who showed such passion for their job. Her first instructor was Ms. Sargent from her 300 Hour Esthetics Program. Yudith was initially intimidated by Ms. Sargent’s seemingly strict personality, but she quickly became one of her favorite teachers! She was also very impressed with Ms. DeRosa and Ms. Devlin, who together led the 1200 Hour Program. She uses their treatment methods to this day. She also fondly recalls Ms. Magnell from her 600 and 900 Hour programs, who gave Yudith advice and support on how proceed with opening her own spa. All of instructors taught her real world techniques and important business skills, such as knowing the products well, listening to the client and providing the best treatments for their needs. Most inspiring to Yudith was, and still is, the owner, An Hinds. “One day I want to be like her.” Ms. Hinds is still her mentor and has helped Yudith with various business ideas and decisions. In fact, Yudith has been able to count on many of the staff members at Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics as a valuable reference. She is grateful for all the help and advice that she continues to receive from them. In fact, she tells friends that when they choose a school of any kind, they should also look for institutions that will offer such support <i>after</i> graduation. It has made all the difference in her own success.

With all of the growth and endless opportunities in the esthetics field, she recommends that new students research their options for training and be sure to seek out the support they need. At Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, she found that there were so many people willing to help her achieve her goals. The transition in her career was challenging at first, but became easier with such a great support system. She loves her new profession and advises students to stay focused, to not give up on their dreams and most of all to “have fun.”

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