Facial Oils: Yes, you can use them!

Moisturizing is part of our daily beauty routine and there are many great lotions and creams available. Have you thought about moisturizing with oil? It almost seems absurd to apply an oil to the face, especially if you have acne prone skin.  Believe it or not, facial oils are quite beneficial and there are different types that can work specifically for various skin types. Yes, the facial oil trend is indeed catching on! They are wonderful moisturizers and give skin a beautiful glow. Jojoba is a common facial oil. Argan oils are known for their anti-aging benefits, since it contains high amounts of vitamin E. Other high quality types of facial oils are camellia, macadamia, and squalane. Facial oils contain essential fatty acids and vitamins which help to hydrate the skin. They should be used after cleansing and can replace your traditional moisturizer for maximum benefits. Use a small amount and your skin will absorb the oil fairly quickly. If you use a little too much, you can simply use a tissue to blot off any excess. and just remember to use less in the future. Makeup can be applied next, but you may find that your skin requires less due to the improved hydration and healthier look of your skin. Lastly, sunscreen is essential since any oil will reflect sunlight.
Don’t be afraid. Try a facial oil and you’ll see why so many people are raving about their improved, glowing skin!
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