Cool Down! Do you need a cold stone massage?

You’ve most likely heard of hot stone massage, which helps to relax the muscles. However, heat shouldn’t get all of the attention in the massage therapy world. Cold stone massage is also a valuable treatment to consider. While the basalt stone that is used for a hot stone massage is great for retaining heat, cold stone massage utilizes stones made from marble. Marble stones retain cold temperatures quite well since they are naturally colder than other stones, even at room temperature.

While cold stone massage is most commonly used to treat sports injuries, there are many other positive benefits. This treatment is also used as a form of stress and anxiety relief, as the stones redirect the mind’s focus on the body. The cool temperatures used in the treatment also help to reduce swelling, bloating and inflammation while increasing circulation and boosting energy levels. The cold stones can also ease sinus and menstrual symptoms. Sometimes hot and cold stones are used together using the “yin and yang” concept. The combination is said to increase circulation while reducing inflammation and pain. A word of caution: individuals who have certain heart ailments or cold sensitivities should avoid cold stone massage until they have discussed it with their physician first.

Sound intriguing? Maybe it’s time for you to try a cold stone massage for yourself!

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