Aging Skin, Changing Skin

Caring for Aging SkinYour skin is your largest organ and takes quite a bit of abuse throughout your lifetime. The skin is exposed to the sun, pollution, bumps, scratches and so much more. We know that if you take measures to protect your skin when you’re younger, you can avoid or slow down the skin damage that can appear later on. However, some changes in your skin are inevitable and simply a part of life. One of these changes is your skin type and you’ll need to adjust your skin care routine through the years as a result.

In your 20s, skin care is fairly simple. It is important to have a good daily routine using a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. You also might consider using retinol products for nighttime use. In your 30s, you should add regular exfoliation to your routine. Exfoliating will shed dead skin cells and to allow for improved penetration of serums and moisturizers. This is also the time to pay more attention to the skin around your eyes by using specially formulated eye creams. Switch up your cleanser to one that contains alpha hydroxy acids and use moisturizers with antioxidants.

In your 40s, you will want to focus on boosting your skin’s elasticity and reduce red or blotchy spots that may appear. Use creamier cleansers containing salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. Look for moisturizers containing antioxidants and peptides to battle dryness and maintain collagen levels. While you might have had oily or combination skin in your younger years, your skin naturally becomes dryer as you move into and beyond your 40s. When hormone levels decrease, you end up producing less of your natural oils. Also, the number of oil and sweat glands you have actually decrease, so the skin isn’t able to retain as much moisture as it used to. This can lead to flaking and itching of the skin. As you see these changes happening, you’ll want to continue to reevaluate your skin care routine. Look into more gentle cleansers and more nutrient rich moisturizers.

Aging is a part of life. Keeping up with the evolution of your skin can help you age gracefully and beautifully.

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